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Young Father Sells His Own Newborn Child for P5000 so He Can Buy a New Motorcycle

Authorities believe that the woman who ‘bought’ the child will sell the baby to other people.

There are people who could only dream of having children of their own given health problems. Given the chance when they can finally create a family of their own, they tend to become the most responsible and caring parents. Sadly, there are parents who are blessed with children, but choose to be irresponsible, cruel parents.

This father from Ilocos Norte decided to sell his newborn baby for P5000 (around $100), so he could use the money as a down payment for a new motorcycle. According to reports, Francis Palacio told his live-in partner, Lanalyn Bituin, to go to a hotel with him. Bituin had no idea that her husband had planned something else. A certain Catherine Garcia then met them at a hotel—and forcibly took the newborn baby away from Bituin. She then gave Palacio P5000 before heading out.

When Bituin tried to take her child back, Garcia allegedly threatened to kill her.

Senior Inspector Hayde Angelito of the Women and Children’s Protection Desk of the Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Office said: “The mother wasn’t aware of the transaction between her live-in partner and the woman who took her baby.

“She saw [Catherine] give her live-in partner P5000. After eating, {Francis] let his live-in partner and their child go with the woman to Laoag. Francis was left behind.”

But whan Palacio was arrested, he denied the accusations and claimed that he never intended to sell his child. He said: “[Catherine] told me that she was just borrowing my live-in partner and our child. She gave me money, and my wife thought it was payment for our child, Sir. But I didn’t sell the baby, Sir.”

Palacio was imprisoned and will be facing a non-bailable offense of child trafficking. His live-in partner, the child’s mother, was deemed innocent and is considered to be a victim, therefore no charges were filed against her.


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