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Woman Writes an Open Letter to Her Husband Who Left Her and their Child after a Petty Fight

Apparently, they have been together for 5 years, but he chose to give up after just one petty fight.

While there are couples who get married after dating for just a few months, there are couples who ultimately part ways after being together for years. There is a love that grows as years pass by, while there is a love that ultimately dies down as time passes. This was the case for this woman who has been together with her husband for five years.


According to this woman’s post on Facebook, her husband was her first boyfriend, first kiss, and first everything. At first, she thought that they would be together forever. She always thought that he was the perfect match for her, and no one could ever take his place in her heart. She felt that their love even blossomed after having a child together.

However, it wasn’t the case for her husband. She slowly felt that things were changing, and that he was becoming distant. As a matter of fact, one petty fight prompted the man to leave her and their child. She patiently waited and tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t budge. According to the woman, her husband told her ‘not to fix their relationship anymore’. He had apparently given up on his family.

She finally gathered her courage and decided to end their relationship through a lengthy post on Facebook, addressed to her husband. For her, patience was no longer a virtue, and she believes that she had done enough in trying to save their relationship. Read the entire post below:


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