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Woman with Severe Bone Disorder Graduates from College as Magna Cum Laude

With sheer determination and hard work, she was able to finish college with flying colors.

It’s that time of the year again. Thousands of students across the globe are sharing photos of their graduation day, exclaiming how memorable it was, and how life after college is about to start. Many students thank those who helped them through school including their parents, peers, teachers, and of course, God. Others, on the hand, share heart-warming stories about their college life. But this woman’s story is probably the most inspiring so far!

Life wasn’t easy for Blissie Cervantes. She was suffering from a condition wherein her bones are continually deteriorating—and she can’t do anything about it. Now at 22 years old, her figure is that of a small child, but her heart and determination is bigger than everyone else’s.

Though small and physically weak, Blissie showed the world that she was just as unique as everyone else. The student from Davao, Philippines was suffering from a debilitating bone disease called osteogenesis imperfect, also known as “brittle bone disease”, which is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones. It results in bones that break easily.

But her disease didn’t stop her from working hard. And after a few years studying and sacrificing a lot of things, Blissie was able to finish with flying colors. As a matter of fact, she graduated Magna Cum Laude! According to the Holy Child College of Davao, Blissie is yet the only graduate that was given the highest academic excellence award among all graduates this year.


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