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Woman Wearing a Bra for a Top Caught Smiling on Cam While Stealing from Uber Driver’s Tip Box

She smiles at the camera while she takes every single bill from the tip box.

We’ve seen different kinds of criminals on TV and in real life. When it comes to identifying criminals, one this is for sure: never get fooled by how a person looks. Evil comes in all forms, but the cruelest would be the ones who laugh at their deeds and show no remorse at all.

Two women and a man got into an Uber ride and got off New York City. What seemed to be a harmless group of people turned out to be the Uber driver’s worst nightmare. It is no secret that taxi, grab, and uber drivers literally risk their lives (and their cars) day and night, just to make ends meet. And when they have it worse, they come across evil people like this group.

As seen in the footage, a woman wearing only a bra can be seen dipping her hands into the driver’s tipbox. She took every single bill—while smirking at the camera. Not only was she proud of what she was doing, she didn’t even show a bit of remorse. The driver realized too late that his money was gone.

The thief has since had her account deactivated by the ride-sharing company and is no longer allowed to use the service.

‘What’s been shown has no place on our app and the rider’s access to the app has been removed,’ as spokesman for Uber said.


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