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Woman Crashes into Overhead Bridge after Discovering a Loose Cockroach inside Her Car

The roach apparently gave her a fright, prompting her to move rashly, slamming into a post

If not everybody, many people hate cockroaches. Roaches are big and slick and thrive in the dank, dark areas of our homes that most of us find repellent. Flying cockroaches can even send some people running for their lives. Cockroaches have also been around since the age of the dinosaurs. Their apparent indomitability adds another layer to their creepiness: evidence suggests that roaches can survive nuclear fallout.

People stir clear of these bugs as they are viewed as unwelcome nuisances at best and, at worst, revolting carriers of disease. There are roughly 4,600 species of cockroaches around the world, and some species carry allergens, including those that trigger asthma. One woman was so repulsed by a cockroach in her car that she accidentally slammed into an overhead bridge.

The unidentified 61-year-old woman crashed into an overhead bridge in Jurong East Central last on January 26. In a photo that went viral on social media. The woman’s red Mazda is seen mounted on the pavement. Its front bumper appeared to be heavily damaged after hitting the railing at the base of the overhead bridge staircase.

The woman was brought to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital after suffering minor injuries. Authorities believe that she was driving along the road when she got a shock at seeing a cockroach in the car. She then lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the overhead bridge.

Her son arrived at the scene shortly after the accident.


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