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Woman Visits Her Mother in a Hospital When She Saw THIS—It Totally Freaked Her Out!

It’s something you don’t see every day.

When going to a hospital, expect to see things out of the ordinary. Patients pouring in, doctors and nurses working hard to save lives. But Facebook user Anne Grantham didn’t expect to see this when she visit her mother at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals in Nevada, USA.

She was shocked to see a dog in a dress, walking straight up like a human would! The dog seemed so adorable as she strutted across the hospital on her hind legs, towards a room as her owner guides her. However, Anne was freaked out by what she saw, as the dog’s behavior was out of the ordinary.

Though many netizens were amazed by the dog’s ‘talent’, other netizens were freaked out like Anne was. What do you think?



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