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Woman Unknowingly Saves Homeless Man after Talking and Listening to Him during Her Break

Sometimes, we just need somebody to talk to.

As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, more and more homeless people are filling streets around the world. They are often cast away by other people, ignored, and left to die in the streets without money, food, or shelter. While all the money in the world is more than enough to eradicate homelessness, lesser and lesser people reach out to homeless and needy people.

Casey Fischer from Connecticut, United States, was on her break and was headed towards Dunkin’ Donuts for a bite. The student and young mom noticed a homeless man singing to himself as he was picking up change. She became curious about the man, prompting her to talk to him while on her break.

The homeless man, Chris, felt at ease and started opening up to her. He told her how his life spiralled down, how people treat him now, and how he struggles to survive every day. When Casey noticed that the man had barely a dollar with him, she bought him a bagel and a cup of coffee while they continued talking.

They enjoyed each other’s company that Casey didn’t realize it was almost time for her class. As she bid Chris goodbye, he handed her a piece of paper. On the paper, Chris wrote:

“I wanted to kill myself today because of you i now do not. Thank you beautiful person.”

Moved by Chris’ message, Casey decided to share her experience on Facebook. She wanted to let others know that many homeless people don’t just need financial help—they also need people to share their stories with.


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