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Woman Inspires with Her Body and is willing to Help Others through Online Personal Training

Housewives and busy workers practically have no time to hit the gym. But with this kind of online training, weight loss is possible in your own homes.

Let’s face it—losing weight is never easy. Why? Because most people love to eat. Cutting down on staple food like rice and bread can be quite a challenge especially when we get used to eating them every day. But with a little motivation and discipline, a perfect body is attainable. However, there are people who are too embarrassed to go to the gym, and would rather spend money on diet pills and endless yo-yo diets that never get anywhere.

A South Korean who goes by the name Eun Ju in Instagram, is willing to help others after her photos went viral on social media. She now has a whopping 260,000 followers and is still growing by the day. Eun Ju has become an inspiration to many people who wish to lose weight at home. Her perfectly toned abs and slim figure has left many in awe, who wish to attain that kind of body as well.

She believes that two people may need drastically different exercise programs and food intake strategies in order to improve fitness and get all the nutrients they need. She maintains her beautiful figure through online personal training and wishes to share her diet and workout regime with others.

Her online PT offers diet training, diet feedback real-time counseling (Kakao Talk), and weight loss homework for housewives and students at home. She simply asks for applicants’ height, weight, protein and carb daily diet, and she will give you a list of what to eat, when to eat, and what type of exercise best fits you.

Many of her members have submitted before and after photos in just a few days and the results are just unbelievable.



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