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Daughter Carries Her Bedridden Mother for the Annual SSS Pensioners’ Confirmation

Apparently, the pensioner’s family was too poor to afford a wheelchair.

The Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Program in the Philippines is like an audit of people receiving monthly pensions. And for people to enjoy continuous benefit from the said program, each pensioner is required to comply with the program. This has proven to be an arduous task for many caregivers and family of bedridden and/or disabled pensioners.

Because taking a taxi in Manila can be quite costly, many of these pensioner’s travel through public utility vehicles. The family of 82-year-old Estrella Sarmiento is having a hard time transporting the old woman, especially when they don’t have a wheelchair to carry her with.

Still, Nanay Estrella’s daughter patiently carried her to the SSS branch they were assigned to. Everyone inside the PUJ knew how hard it was to carry her mother, but the woman was unfazed and carried her mom on her lap throughout the ride. Nanay Estrella obviously couldn’t walk by herself and even had a diaper on—a sign that she must be bedridden.

One of the passengers, Jarra Cortez Garcia, decided to talk to the woman and ask her a few questions. Garcia learned that their family was too poor to buy a wheelchair for Nanay Estrella, and had to transport her this way every time. They also didn’t know Nanay Estrella’s illness because they didn’t have enough money for a thorough check-up.

But according to the woman, her mother’s big toe was cut off because of her diabetes, and fell weak and ill ever since. Garcia shared the old woman’s plight on Facebook, hoping kind-hearted people would help the woman with whatever they can. Garcia provided the necessary information, including the old woman’s address for those who intend to visit her personally.

*PWEDE PAHIRAM NG KAHIT KONTING ORAS BASAHIN ITONG POST KO. PLEASE..Sana matulungan natin si Nanay Estella ?*Kanina…

Posted by Pinoy Scandal on Thursday, June 8, 2017


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