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Woman Almost Turns Blind after Binge-watching on Several Korean Dramas in One Sitting

She woke up and felt a sharp pain on both her eyes.

It is not secret that many Asians, specifically Chinese people, love Korean idols/celebrities. As a matter of fact, China’s divorce rate has increased soon after the release of Song Joong Ki’s drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’. According to reports, women began divorcing their husbands because their ‘standards’ have increased—and they opt for more Korean-looking men.

After the popularity of Korean Pop Culture slowly invaded the world with their award-winning dramas (K-Drama) and their world-popular pop songs (K-Pop), more and more people are being absorbed into the Korean culture.

A woman binged watched several Kdramas in one sitting and almost loses her sight. The unnamed 20-year-old Chinese woman reportedly watched her favorite Kdramas which is said to be Descendants of the Sun and Cheese in the Trap.

She had all her lights turned off, and the light from her tablet was in front of her for hours. It was until she suffered a severe headache that she decided to stop and sleep. However, once she woke up, a severe, sharp pain suddenly shot through her eyes.

She was then rushed to Nanjing Hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with glaucoma. According to American Academy of Opthalmology, Glaucoma is a disease that damages one’s eye’s optic nerve. It is said that it happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your eye, damaging the optic nerve. It is also said that Glaucoma can lead to blindness.


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