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Why sitting too much is bad for your health — How is it slowly killing you?

Many jobs today require long sitting time. Desk jobs require a worker to sit for at least 9-12 hours a day, and it is slowly damaging our bodies. Many of us think that sitting is the easiest job there is, as we are “relaxed” most of the time. Little do we know, sitting causes more damage to our bodies than standing and/or walking.

Designer and animator Duncan Elms created this short video for ’60 Minutes Australia’ and to raise awareness in the public as there is increasing evidence that spending too much time sitting is bad for your health.

What solution is there to prevent health risks of sitting too much?

Even doctors are advocating they should stand at work – so it must be serious. Sitting for long periods means you don’t contract your large skeletal muscles and this may impact on the body’s metabolism. Levels of unhealthier types of fat, such as triglycerides, increase while the high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol) are reduced.

The solution is very simple: Stand up. You don’t need to exercise, all you need to do is stand up. Rest from time to time by standing up and stretching your muscles.

Source: Duncan Elms

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