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Couple Pushes Through with Wedding Plans Despite Killer Typhoon—in Knee-deep Flood Waters!

Our warmest wishes to the newlyweds!

In December of this year, typhoon Nina (international name: Nock-Ten) forced 380,000 people to abandon Christmas celebrations and flee to evacuation shelters as it made landfall over Catanduanes province, on the Bicol peninsula.

But for this couple, not even this kind of catastrophe can stop them from getting wed. Despite walking in knee-deep flood waters, and winds that can knock off trees, couple Maria Cyril Hernandez of Santiago Young, Nabua and Mark John Martinez of Iriga City decided to get on with their wedding.

The couple gained social media attention after their photos went viral on Facebook. The newlyweds, clad in a wedding dress and a suit, took photos in a typhoon-devastated area, with flood waters reaching their knees. They didn’t pay much attention to their surroundings, and continued to show how much they love each other.

Hernandez said she almost lost hope due to problems such as poor communication lines before their wedding. She arrived at her wedding with the help of her neighbors, while her groom, Mark, arrived in a motorcycle three hours later after passing fallen trees and utility poles along the road.

Hernandez, who was already five months pregnant, even almost lost consciousness due to fatigue.



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