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UBER Driver Harasses His Terrified Female Passenger and Refuses to Let Her Out of the Car

The passenger already told him that she was married and already had a son, but he continued to harass her.

After news of an Uber driver harassing and molesting his drunk passenger goes viral, many netizens suggested to use ‘UBERpool’ or a shared car. With more people inside the car, every passenger feels safer. However, this recent incident will make passengers think twice in using UBER, specifically the ‘shared car’.

Thinking she would be safer using uberpool, Facebook user Ally Daff booked for a shared car. Little did she know, the driver assigned to her was very dangerous.

According to her, the driver started giving her compliments like how cute and beautiful she was. Ally could only smile back and thank the driver, but she felt a little nervous already.

The driver then asked for her age, to which she answered, “twenty-four”. The man continued to ask her questions which made her extremely uncomfortable and scared. He asked her if she was already married, to which she again answered that she was.

She added that she already had a four-year-old son, hoping that the driver would stop asking her personal questions.

The driver locked their doors and refused to let her off when they were already near her destination, even telling her to give him a few more minutes.

Read her detailed story regarding the incident, and make sure to avoid the person in her post:

Decided to use this Facebook account (after ma-HACK) to warn all of my friends here in MNL who loves…

Posted by Ally Daff on Wednesday, May 17, 2017


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