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Netizens Touched by Traffic Enforcer Who Guided a Stray Dog as it Crossed a Busy Street

His selfless act saved one dog from being run over by motorists who don’t notice animals crossing the street.

Dogs have been proven to be man’s best friend over and over in numerous touching stories since decades ago. After being domesticated and taken into homes, dogs became accustomed to a life similar to humans, and would often imitate what their human friends do. Sadly, thousands of cats and dogs are killed in the streets every day.

One of the most common reason is that the animal cannot be seen by the motorist and the driver only spots the dog once it is too late. Even if you have a light colored dog, at night every dog becomes a hidden target.

Posted by Keiza Empleo on Friday, February 9, 2018

However, this traffic enforcer shows that humans can do something about it. One simple act can save the life of an innocent animal. Seeing the dog wanted to cross the street, the enforcer “guided” the dog towards the middle of the street before stopping momentarily. When vehicles stopped, he once again guided the dog towards the sidewalk.

Many netizens, especially dog lovers, were touched by the enforcer’s act of kindness towards the animal. Netizens praised him and thanked him for doing something others would simply ignore, or refuse to do. Hopefully, there are more people like him!

Posted by Keiza Empleo on Friday, February 9, 2018


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