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Toddler Saves His Twin Brother After a Large Dresser Toppled Over Him—a Real Hero!

Parents be warned: this could be deadly for some.

Thousands of babies and toddlers face accidents right inside their homes on a daily basis. While their parents are looking away, it takes only a moment for any child to endanger themselves and get into deadly mishaps.

Toddlers love to climb and explore everything in their new-found homes. We see children often climbing everything they can, without any idea about the impending danger.

For twins Brock and Bowdy, they had to learn the lesson hard, without the help of their parents. The twins were left alone to play in their room, while their parents were nowhere to be seen in the video. As many toddlers would do, the twins started climbing on the large dresser inside their room.

Because of their weight, the dresser soon gave way and toppled over them. Though Bowdy can be seen barely escaping the fall, Brock was unfortunately caught under. Brock struggled to get out, but the dresser was too heavy.

Fortunately, Bowdy was able to push the dresser off, allowing Brock escape without injuries.

Their mother, Kayli Shoff said: ‘We were hesitant to post this video initially, but a lot of parents have probably made the same mistake that we made, (they) don’t have their furniture secured or bolted to a wall.’

Many parents-to-be enjoy decorating their baby’s nursery. Setting up new furniture, installing new items for the child, and decorating the room with colourful walls—it is indeed exciting. But many parents forget to install this simple safety item that can save many children’s lives. Make sure to ‘bolt’ your furniture to the walls to avoid this kind of deadly accident.



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