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This Girl is has been Dubbed the Most Gorgeous Uber Driver Today—Look at Her and See Why!

Would you ride on her car?

It is a fact that Uber drivers risk their lives on the road and kill their vehicles slowly every day to make poverty pay after expenses and taxes. And yes, there are those occasional passengers who abuse them and they cannot do anything about it. Working as an Uber driver can be a dangerous job, and only a few women do so.

This female Uber driver has caught the attention of many netizens after her photos were shared thousands of times on social media. Her story went viral as well, after it was featured on the Philippines’ magazine, FHM.

Meet Joyce Tadeo, one of Manila’s most stunning Uber drivers out there. The BS Psychology graduate used to work as a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company before becoming an Uber driver. One of her guy friends, who is an Uber driver himself, encouraged her to apply and get behind the wheel.

“I’m a risk taker. I’m always up for something unusual,” JT shares. “And when I saw his earnings, that’s what motivated me the most.”

Despite her above average looks, she doesn’t mind at all when her passengers initiate conversation—especially when they get stuck in traffic.

She said: “Everybody knows that traffic is terrible. Some light conversation is always a good time killer.”

According to her, she often hears compliments about her looks from numerous passengers, and she actually loves that.

She added: “Most of my passengers are really surprised whenever they book me as their driver. I often get compliments and I really appreciate them. Others even ask for selfies and post my Uber details on social media. Since then, I’ve gotten used to it. I enjoy the feeling of being liked.”

For people who are interested, her regular route includes the streets of Makati, Ortigas, and Bonifacio Global City.


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