This couple was able to transform themselves in just four months of strict diet and regular exercise

We all want to look our best.

Having a beautiful face to match a perfect body is what most people dream about in their lives. But with many fast food chains and restaurants popping up, it is truly hard to go on a diet. However sometimes, we just need that one person who can serve as our partner and inspiration in improving ourselves physically and mentally.

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Couple Song Jin Yoo and Sjin Ji Hoo shows their before and after pictures on Twitter

In South Korea, which has a booming plastic surgery industry, a common high-school-graduation gift is an operation. “Surgery tourists” from abroad make up about a third of the business in South Korea. It is a fact that some people merely go for surgery instead of maintaining a well-balanced diet or regular exercise. But this couple believes that ‘dieting’ is the best plastic surgery—and are now the epitome of that belief.

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Song Jin Yoo and Sjin Ji Hoo came up with their own workout plan which included weight-lifting (1 and ½ hours for 2 times a week) and aerobics (3 hours a day). They had a strict diet which consisted of eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken breast, tomatoes, and lots of fruits & vegetables. After 4 months of this simple regimen, they were able to achieve bodies of models!

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Do you want this kind of body? All you need is discipline.

h/t: Allkpop

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