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Thai Man Dies of Hypothermia after Pointing Three Fans Directly at Himself before Sleeping

His body failed to adjust to the sudden change of temperature and went into shock.

44-year-old Sobthawee Boonkua, from Tambon Nai Muang, in Thailand’s Chaiyaphum province, had gone to look after his 86-year-old mother at a relative’s house and decided to spend the night. The temperatures in Thailand can be quite warm especially during the afternoon, and Boonkua was worried that he might not be able to sleep well because of that.

Aside from the warm weather, the room he was about to sleep in was poorly ventilated as well. To make sure he can sleep soundly during that night, he put three electric fans pointed towards his bed before dozing off.

What Boonkua didn’t realize was that Chaiyaphum is known to have a drastic drop in temperature at night and early morning, and the problem was that his body had a hard time adjusting to it.

On Friday morning, a shocked relative found Sobthawee’s cold body. The relative immediately called an ambulance and police. Lt. Colonel Thanasit Apiboonworaset of Muang Chaiyaphum police arrived at the scene at 8:30 am along with a coroner.

After examining the body and interrogating members of his family, the medical examiner concluded that the man had indeed died of hypothermia.


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