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Teen Cures His Severe Acne with a Budget Skin Routine and This is how He did it

While acne treatments are costly and usually takes months to years in medication and therapy, he cured his own acne for a very cheap price and only a few months to clear them away.

Pimples are the product of dirt and oil that got trapped in your pores. The dirt and oil are of course not good for the skin and if not removed right away, it can lead to acne and more damage on the skin. The oil seeps through and causes different inflammations in the skin.

For prescription antibiotics, topical creams and ointments—or for hormone therapy, from birth control pills to a more aggressive regimen—acne treatment typically costs $45 to $200 per month, which includes a doctor visit and prescription. But for this teen, using the right skin care products didn’t only save him hundreds of dollars, but also cleared his skin in no time.

Many teens suffer from severe acne, and 16-year-old Carlos David was no exception. While initial treatment didn’t work, his new skin care routine gave him an entirely new face. The teenager says he followed a six-step process to treat his painful acne—repeated morning and night.

So how did he do it? First, he starts with Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (£8.90), which he says is a good product for maintaining balance in the face’s levels. At bedtime he switches it up and uses Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser (£14), which Carlos says treats “concerns at night”, adding it is “super gentle” and “smells great”.

Next, he uses Lumene Klassikko Refreshing Toner, which isn’t available in the UK but retails at $10 in the US, but Carlos advises looking out for something alcohol-free.

Before bedtime, Carlos uses the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner (£15), which he notes is intended for acne scarring and not acne. Carlos explains it’s made with AHA, an acid that chemically exfoliates the skin and gently tales away dead skin cells.

The third product he uses is the Art Natural Vitamin C Serum (£12.95), which he claims helped him get rid of his “hyper-pigmentation”. He then uses a skin mask. He applies the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask (£21) but warns that it only works on some and “others says it doesn’t help”.

He writes: “It did help even out my skin tone, so it worked for me.”

Carlos then moisturizes his skin to keep his face hydrated. Before bed, he uses Advanced Clinicals Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion, which doesn’t retail in Britain but sells for $9 in the States, for an intensive repair. In the morning, Carlos goes for E.L.F. Daily Hydration Moisturiser (£8.99), which he says “smells good” and is “super lightweight”.

He uses sunscreen before going out to protect his skin. Since his acne cleared up in October, he has modified his routine in order to maintain his current clear complexion.


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