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Dad Asks Daughter What Cell Phone Unit She Wanted and This Teen Chose the Cheapest

Knowing her dad will be sacrificing so much just to buy her an expensive phone, she chose the cheaper one despite wanting the other.

Parents would give anything and everything to make sure their children are safe, comfortable, and happy. They would go out of their way to give what their children need and want, even though it means they have to sacrifice a lot of things, including their own well-being. Sadly, many children and teens don’t think about their parents and just insist on getting the things they want.

Netizens lauded this teen for choosing a cheaper phone instead of a more expensive one, even when her dad asked her to choose what she really wants. According to witness Lyse Detoyato, this grade 11 student is looking for a phone ranging from 2,500 to 3,500, and so Detoyato offered several units that fir their budget.

Of course, the higher the cost, the better the quality. However, Detoyato noticed that the young girl would often glance at her father, checking his reactions out. Knowing her father might not have that much money with him, the young girl the cheapest of all units.

Detoyato was so touched by the young girl’s actions and shared her story on Facebook. Netizens lauded the young girl for being considerate of her father, than choosing whatever she wanted. According to many netizens, today’s generation should learn from her.


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