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Insolent Students Gets a Slap on the Face after Mocking Her Teacher—Netizens Say She Deserved It!

Always remember that teachers are your second parents!

We’ve seen dozens of cases where teachers abuse their students. Most of these teachers have gone to jail and paid for their crimes. But what most parents do not know is that many teachers suffer abuse from their own students—and they cannot do anything about it. If these teachers hit back, they lose their jobs and eventually have a hard time looking for a new one. They have no choice but to keep the abuse to themselves. But sometimes, it is better to teach these children a lesson so as not to grow into disrespectful adults.

A video believed to have been filmed in a Chinese school, showed a teacher and a student getting into a heated conversation. The spat got out-of-hand after the student dared the teacher to hit her while calling her names. The teacher, unable to hold back her anger, slapped the student.

Instead of backing off, the student hits back and attacks the teacher. That was when the other students tried to stop them from further hitting each other.

Comments flooded on Chinese social media site, Weibo, with one who wrote: “To tell the truth, I think this girl got what was coming to her.”

Other wrote: “Was this girl not pointing to her face asking to be hit? The teacher just complied with her wishes.”

And another with a sentiment stating: “Hitting people is not right, but kids today lack proper education.”

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