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Take a Look at the New and Improved Life of the ‘Selfless Dad’ in the Viral Jollibee Photo

Thanks to the help of many netizens and celebrities, his children’s future is now set.

A few months back, a photo went viral on social media, showing how a selfless dad simply watched as his two daughters as they ate fried chicken heartily. Netizens soon found out that the father didn’t have enough money to buy another meal for himself. The man was identified as tatay Ryan Arebuabo.

His photo later went viral, prompting many netizens to give the family help. Netizens were especially amazed by tatay Ryan’s love for his daughters when they learned that he had suffered a heart attack a few years back before his wife left him for good.

His wife initially took his children, but he fought for them until he finally got custody. Despite having a hard time, he made everything possible for his children to be happy.

Tatay Ryan received different kinds of help. Some netizens gave him money, while others offered to give them groceries instead. Thanks to the “4Ps” program, he is able to send his children to school. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) gave tatay Ryan a mobile sari-sari store, where he used to earn 100-200 pesos a day—just enough for his kids’s daily allowance and food.

His sister opened a bank account for him, so he could save up everything that is sent by kind-hearted-netizens. He saved up indeed, using only what they need. His children even called him “kuripot” (thrifty).

But because of the financial help he received from countless netizens, he was able to buy a new roof, walls, and a door for their tiny home in the squatter’s area in Tondo, Manila. He was also able to buy two tricycles, which is currently renting out to other drivers. Because of his heart condition, he couldn’t drive the tricycles himself.

Local establishments also help him move on in life. A wellness clinic in Binondo offered free therapy to Tatay Ryan, where the doctor attending to him claims that Tatay Ryan’s improvement has been remarkable.

A local bookstore also offered to give his children free school supplies. Actor Piolo Pascual played tatay Ryan’s character in an episode of MMK and promised to give his children a scholarship. Pascual promised to pay the kids’ tuition fees at a private school.

Thanks to that one viral photo shared by netizen Jhunnel Sarajan, tatay Ryan and his daughters’ lives changed for the better.


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