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Thai Woman Shares Photos of a Street Food Stall Riddled With Pests and Cockroaches—Disgusting!

She was uncomfortable with all the cockroaches, but was assured that the food was clean.

Everybody loves food. When visiting Asian countries, the best thing to try out would be their incomparable cuisines. While authentic dishes can be quite expensive for some, street food is definitely more inviting for the middle class and those who want a food adventure.

Tourists love to follow mobile street carts and movable market stalls knowing they are cheaper, delicious, and exciting to eat. However, a Thai woman shared a photo that would make street food lovers cringe.

On her social media post, Kapong Pang said: “Sorry for using profanity. While I was eating my delicious noodles, an army of cockroaches, rats, and centipedes crawled out of the drains. I was disgusted, but I was hungry.”

While eating at her favourite street food shop, she was shocked to discover hundreds of cockroaches, centipedes, and rats swarming all over the place. She was extremely disgusted, but she was starving and chose to finish her bowl of noodles.

She added: “I kept on eating! Who cares! I ate while watching cockroaches on the wall. So freaking delicious!”

According to her, she was sure that her favourite food stall wasn’t infected, and that her noodles were clean. Apparently, she was a frequent customer of the stall, and this was the first time she experienced this. Kapong Pang explained that the street vendor was just unfortunate that time because the pests decided to exit the drainage found near her shop.

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