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South African girl Suddenly Spoke Fluent Korean after Waking up from Anaesthesia

She even swore in Korean!

YouTuber “Lindie Botes” had uploaded a video of herself waking up from anesthesia at a hospital. She was visibly drowsy from the shot, and seemed to speak a different language. Apparently, she started talking fluent Korean after waking up.

However, she says she has been studying Korean for 9 years already. But when she is in the right mind, she has a hard time speaking fluent Korean. “I cannot explain why, but for some reason each time I wake up from anesthesia, I speak Korean until I regain my consciousness completely,” Botes said in the caption of the video.

A Brain Institute neuroscientist, Dr. Pankaj Sah, thinks he might have an explanation about what happens in these cases. He said the brain was made up of different circuits—which assist in language, breathing, speaking and thinking—similar to electronic circuits. According to him, what possibly happened was that the parts of the brain that retained Korean language were triggered when she woke up from anaesthesia.

The video has spread rapidly in Korea, gaining more than 153,000 hits in 10 days.

Similar cases have been recorded around the world and are still under study. In 2010, a 13-year-old Croatian girl woke up had replaced her fluency in her native language with German. More recently, a U.S. navy veteran was found unconscious in a motel room and had no recollection of who he was and spoke fluent Swedish in July 2013.


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