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Son of a Farmer from Bulacan Gets Accepted to Harvard University and Is Set to Go on 2018

He believes everything that has happened to him was nothing short of a miracle.

We know a few people who came from Harvard and made it big in the outside world. Barack Obama, Natalie Portman, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, John Adams, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, are just a few big names who can vouch for the school’s name. For many Filipinos, getting to study at an Ivy League University could only be a dream. However, this farmer’s son defied all odds and is now waiting to be flown to Harvard to study.

Romnick Blanco is the 7th of 9 children, and that unlike his older siblings who dropped out of school, he stayed on because he truly wanted to learn. He lives in Bulacan and hikes the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains for GreenEarth’s onsite education programs. It took him two hours of walk every day, just to get to school and learn.

Romnick soon received the extraordinary news that he was one of 5% of applicants accepted at Harvard College. Blanco will be taking advantage of a full scholarship to Harvard covering tuition, accommodation, plane tickets, and clothing, said ISM (International School Manila) in a statement. The young man is set to fly overseas in 2018.

Romnick grew in an impoverished village in Bulacan, and many locals felt hopeless most of the time. He said: “[A place] where people are living in hopelessness and despair. They believe that no matter what takes place, they will be poor forever. They see no light at the end of the tunnel.”

However, after being accepted to the Ivy League University, Romnick’s family, friends, and neighbors saw a ray of light and began hoping again.

Rom considers being accepted to an Ivy League university as a miracle. He said: “This amazing blessing that I have received will be looked upon by many as an achievement, but if I were to be very honest, I truthfully believe that what happened to me was nothing short of a miracle.”

The young man had chosen Harvard. It was because of the reputation and he believes in their motto, “Veritas: I will go where truth leads me.”

He added that his achievements will soon be forgotten by the people, but what he wants people to know is how GreenEarth has helped him and his community: “If they write about me, people will be happy to read my story for two minutes, feel good, be inspired, and then they will quickly forget. But if they talk about the kind of community I come from, full of hopelessness, poverty, and despair, and talk about how GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is addressing the problems, which will serve a bigger group of people beyond myself, I think that has more impact.”


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