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Saudi Prince Bought 80 Plane Seats for His 80 Falcons—a Ridiculous Way to Spend Money!

These falcons have their own passports as well.

Ahmet Yasar posted a photo on social media with a caption: “My captain friend sent me this photo… Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks.”

The photo went viral overnight. The internet went bonkers after learning photo was actually real—a man bough 80 plane tickets for 80 of his falcons! Who is this guy? No other than a Saudi Prince.

Many wealthy people from Arab countries consider having these pets as symbol of their wealth and financial status. It is reported that each bird can cost $250,000 each. Abu Dhabi even has its own hospital dedicated to falcons.

Various airlines such as Etihad, Qatar and others allow falcons to board the plane for the additional cost of up to $630 per bird depending on the destination. Lufthansa even offers a custom-designed bird tray for that purpose. And in case you ask, falcons have their own passports, too!

A similar video was posted back in 2014, showing how another wealthy individual brought falcons to travel with him:


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