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Rude Girl Dries Her Smelly and Wet Shoes Using the Air Conditioner inside a Singapore Bus

The smell from her shoes filled the bus and passengers were obviously irritated, but she continued drying both of her shoes without consideration.

When commuting through public vehicles, it is no surprise to see rude and unusual behavior from fellow passengers. But this girl’s behavior inside Singapore bus 857 isn’t just rude, it is disgusting as well.

It was raining out real hard and many people couldn’t help but get their clothes and shoes wet. While other passengers simply sat and waited for their drop off spot, one rude girl decided she had to dry her shoes asap—and to the girl, the air conditioner seemed to be perfect for the job.

In a video captured by a passenger named Glenn, the girl can be seen removing both her shoes and reaching for the air conditioner. She then tried to dry her shoes for a few moments.

Glenn said: “I feel very disgusted as the air-con blew the odor of her smelly shoes around the bus and the man who was sitting behind them seemed very irritated too.”

The smell from her shoes was extremely smelly and obviously irritated other passengers who had no choice but to cover their noses and do nothing. As soon as the girl put her shoes down to wear them again, the video gets cut off, assuming the girl stopped what she was doing.


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