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Proud Son Shares Pictures of her Teacher Mom Sleeping on Several Chairs during Her Break Time

His mom tries to get some sleep every time she can because of her workload.

Today, education is taken for granted. Children go to school just because they have to, not because they want to learn. Teachers are taken for granted too, and many students believe that teachers are merely doing their jobs because of the money their parents pay the school.


But if we really think about it, there would be no professionals without teachers. Teachers do not merely teach us academics, but also guide and teach us the most important things in life. Without our teachers, how would our world function?

Facebook user EJ Tayag knows how important teachers are—because his mother is one. He knows how hard a teacher works from day to night, with just little time for themselves. He has witnessed his mother every day, sacrificing her own life just to help children learn. Unfortunately, teachers are being looked down upon by their students too.

We’ve seen dozens of cases where teachers abuse their students. Most of these teachers have gone to jail and paid for their crimes. But what most parents do not know is that many teachers suffer abuse from their own students—and they cannot do anything about it. If these teachers fight back, they lose their jobs, and sometimes go to jail for it.

EJ wanted to raise awareness about how teachers are the most important part of today’s society, showing his own mother as an example. He captured his mother sleeping on a makeshift bed during her break, using several chairs pulled together. Every chance she gets, she takes power naps to gain back energy lost from working for hours.

This just goes to show that teachers are very hardworking individuals. Their jobs are far from being easy, and they deserve the respect from students and adults alike.


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