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He Was About to Propose to His GF When the Diamond Ring Fell Into the Water—This Happened Next!

He took the plunge to look for the diamond ring!

Short animated videos have made their way to popularity in the recent years, especially when technology and animation quality has greatly improved. Shared in many social media sites, animation videos aren’t just cute, but they also hold very good stories. The most recent video that caught the hearts of many netizens is titled “Taking the Plunge”, wherein a guy jumps into shark-infested waters just to look for a diamond ring meant for the love of his life.

But as he jumps into the waters, he discovers a wholly different world—and meets a new friend who helps him find the ring. He was then caught in a dilemma when a shark was about to attack his new friend, and the ring had fallen deeper into the waters. Instead of diving deeper for the ring, he decided to save his friend instead.

Though he didn’t have a ring when he proposed, his girlfriend said yes regardless. But wait until his ‘friend’ pays him back!


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