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Pregnant Pakistani Singer Shot at a Celebration after She Refused to Stand Up During Performance

The woman was reportedly 8 months pregnant and was having a hard time standing the whole time.

A Pakistani woman was murdered in a village near the city of Larkana after she allegedly refused to stand up during her performance. According to reports, she was hired to perform during a family gathering called an “aqeeqa” ceremony (the Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth) which was held in a village near the city of Larkana, Pakistan.

Singer Samira Sindhu was reportedly 8 months pregnant, prompting her to sit during her performance.

In celebration of the birth of the sons of Niaz Junejo, the reader of a sessions court judge, the 28-year-old singer performed in front of family members. But one guest insisted that the singer stand up while performing. As seen in the video, several men threw money at her, insisting that she should stand up while singing.

Though she initially refused, Samira forced herself to stand up while singing, but Tariq Jatoi suddenly fired a shot at her, killing her instantly. However, when arrested, Jatoi claimed that he was supposed to fire into the air, but accidentally shot Samira instead.

Samira’s murder has prompted local artists to protest against this kind of treatment from other people, especially men towards female performers.


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