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Policemen Who Prayed Before They Ate Amaze and Touch the Heart of a Netizen

Seeing the policemen pray as a group before eating warmed the hearts of many netizens, making them realize they haven’t been doing the same thing.

Nowadays, the public is slowly losing their trust in the police force. There have been cases wherein policemen have been accused of accepting bribes, torturing and killing “suspects”, and there were even policemen involved in large criminal cases as well. Though these unscrupulous cops taint the name of policemen, there are those who actually serve the public and try to regain their trust through honesty and good behavior.

Facebook user Chin Beldad was lucky enough to witness Filipino policemen praying together before eating, making her realize that there are still good cops out there. It also made her realize that she herself has forgotten to pray lately, making her feel “guilty”.

“I’m so inspired by these men who start their day by meditating the word of God. Napa self-check tuloy ako at medyo nahiya sa sarili ko, ‘ikaw ba? Bukod sa nag thank you ka kay Lord sa food mo, nag medidate kaba ng word like them?’ So ayun, somehow, the feeling is “guilty,” she said on her Facebook post.

Closing prayer na 🙏✨❤ Thank you Sir! 😇

Posted by Chin Beldad on Friday, June 8, 2018

Chin decided to share the story on social media to inspire others and make others aware that there is still a lot of good in the police force. Netizens were amazed and touched by the officers’ actions, while others lauded them for always putting God first.



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