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Powerful Photo Shows Nuns Passing by a Group of Sleeping Street Children—Heart-breaking!

Were you able to help the children by blaming the nuns?

When we go to church, priests teach us to help the poor and those who are need. With this at hand, many people ‘expect’ that they (priests and nuns) should be the ones to address poverty first. When they see people who are need, they are ‘expected’ to help the latter.

However, in a recent post on Facebook, these nuns (and the church) are now under fire. The series of photos were taken during the penitential walk from Malate Church to Manila Cathedral on Good Friday. One of the four photos immediately grabbed the attention of the online community as many Facebook users commented to it. Take a look at the viral photo below:

Photo Source

As seen in the photos, the nuns simply pass by a group of sleeping street children. Netizens were dismayed, seeing how the nuns practically ignored the group of children. But if you think about it, what could they have done anyway?

Some of these children still have families who purposely allow them to beg in the streets, and those nuns are in no position to get in their family’s business anyway. However, many netizens pointed out that the nuns could’ve at least given them something to eat or money for food.

What do you think about these photos?


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