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Photo of SM Baguio’s Fog-filled Mall Is Making People Want to Go to Baguio Despite Storm

It is the perfect time to relax in the city of Pines!

Let’s be honest. Baguio is already a crowded, moderately polluted city. With more and more vehicles cramping up the busy streets, air pollution is getting worse by the day. However, you won’t feel any stress because of the relaxing and soothing weather. Baguio City is the perfect place to escape from the extreme heat in Manila and other provinces.

A recent photo shared by Facebook page 98Baguio is attracting a lot of netizens after it went viral on the said social media site. The photo showed a foggy SM Baguio. Mall-goers can be seen taking pictures as the fog filled every corner of the mall.

A lot of tourists go to SM Baguio for the ambiance and the view. It’s a nice place to kill time while enjoying the fog at the view deck. Without the fog, you’re able to see the entire City of Baguio from the top.

Are you ready to pack those backs and head up to Baguio City? Hurry up while the foggy days are here!


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