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Japanese Painter Osamu Obi’s ‘Realistic’ Creations are Bursting with Emotion and Detail

His latest creation will be exhibited at the Hoki Museum for three years from November 2017.

Many people could only dream of painting realism—to create a painting that looks “real” or in which the subject looks as it does in real life. It’s only when you’re up close that you see the skillful manipulation of color, tone, and perspective used to create the illusion of reality. One of the most famous painters of today is Osamu Obi.

Osamu Obi is a Japanese painter who was born in Kanagawa, Japan. For more than 20 years of creation, Osamu has painted a series of oil paintings. Osamu graduated from Musashino Art University (Department of Oil Painting) and currently works as a Lecturer in the same university.

More and more people are drawn into his art as his works are mainly portraits with extreme details and emotions. The characters in his paintings show so much emotion that you’d think they are pictures, but what captured the attention of many is how Osamu paints extremely detailed backgrounds.

Of course, pictures would be completely different compared to seeing the painting up close—and it can be possible to view if you are in Japan, or intend to go to Japan in the next three years.

On his Facebook page, Osamu urges art enthusiasts to view his painting at Hoki museum. “This is the whole process of my painting. This painting will be exhibited at the Hoki Museum for three years from November 2017,” the painter said.

“If you come to Japan, please come and visit the Hoki Museum. There you can see many realism paintings by Japanese artists,” He added.



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