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One-legged Man Walks Down From the Mountains While Carrying at Least 50kls of Produce to the City

He walks at least 2 kilometers a day, with 50kg of produce on his back!

While many able-bodied men choose to commit crimes and take from others in order to survive, many unsung heroes choose to live honestly, and work as hard as they could in order for their families to live a comfortable life. What makes the following story more inspiring is that this disabled man works twice as hard as any normal person would do.

His name is Allan Aguilar. He has only one leg, but he works twice as hard as any normal worker would. As a matter of fact, he carries at least 50kg of produce on his back while walking two kilometers down the mountains to the city on a daily basis. He would carry at least 50kg of bananas, charcoal, or wood—whatever people who hire him tell him to bring.

He is now currently living in Brgy.Mabicay, Sogod, Southern Leyte in the Philippines, where his aunt took him in. Allan was originally from Mindanao where his father told him to quit school when he was just in grade 1. At a very tender age of six, Allan already worked hard with his father, whom he accompanied to and from the mountains.

Unfortunately, one accident in the mountains severely damaged his right thigh. Their family had no money, leaving Allan’s family no choice but to have his leg amputated. Without even having a proper prosthetic leg, Allan continued to work hard for his family. Sadly, his brothers-in-law started bullying him. His aunt, concerned about his condition, took him and brought him to Leyte in the Visayan region of the Philippines.

Today, as seen in the video and pictures, Allan continues to work hard and help his aunt in any way he can. Allan serves as an inspiration to many people as his disability didn’t hinder him from helping his family.

Posted by Lodalina Tomon on Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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