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Homeless Old Man Begs for Painkillers While He Braved the Heavy Rain and Cold Weather

Apparently, he was in pain due to his rheumatism, and the cold weather made it worse for him.

Homelessness is a growing problem around the world. In developing countries like the Philippines, homelessness is so severe that people literally die in the streets with no one to help them survive their harsh life. Sadly, homeless people are often ignored and avoided by the public and are often refused help and assistance.

In Metro Manila, life is harder for many homeless people. The extreme heat during the day and stormy nights during the monsoon season can be deadly for some—especially those who are disabled and/or the elderly. While many of us enjoy the warmth of our homes, these people brave extreme weather and severe hunger as much as they can.

Facebook user Fajilan Nikki Marjorie came across an old homeless man and it made her realize how lucky she was to have a home. The old man, known in their area as “Tatay Pedak”, has been sitting outside Nikki’s home, and was braving the heavy downpour. Worried, Nikki came out of their home to check on the old man.

Upon seeing Nikki, tatay Pedak began to cry. Apparently, he has been waiting for her to go out and check on him. Nikki learned that tatay Pedak was in extreme pain because of his rheumatism. Instead of asking for food, the poor old man asked for a favor instead: for Nikki to buy him painkillers. His sad plight has brought Nikki to tears, especially when she held hands with the old man, who wished that he’d prefer to just die instead of braving the pain.

”Sana kunin na lang ako ni Lord. Sana mamatay na lang ako. Kasi hirap na hirap na ako ditto,” he said.

Hoping that other netizens would help tatay Pedak, Nikki shared his story on Facebook. Tatay Pedak also mentioned that his only wish was for his sister “Catherine” to visit him one of these days.


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