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OFW Working Night and Day was shocked to see Her Husband and His Mistress on Facebook

She woke up and saw pictures that devastated her.

As poverty in the Philippines is worsening by the day, more and more Filipinos opt for working abroad, hoping to make more money and help their families left in the said country. These OFWs work day and night, with some even doing several jobs just to be able to send enough money to their families back in the Philippines. The only consolation they have is to see their families happy and contented via social media. But what this OFW saw on Facebook broke and devastated her.

OFW Princess Sittie Fairodz Utto worked night and day, hoping to make her daughter’s life easier. She had left her husband in the Philippines to care for their child, hoping to come back to them one day.

But when she opened her Facebook, what she saw completely destroyed her world.

On her Facebook post, Princess claimed that her husband was apparently cheating on her. She then uploaded several ‘selfies’ of her naked husband with his mistress in bed.


What pained her the most was that they were even proud to share such photos and didn’t care if she saw them.

Her story reached thousands of netizens who comforted and consoled her. However, Princess claims that there were also some bashers who messaged her and said she was ‘stupid’ in allowing her husband to do such a thing.

Though princess says she had known about the affair for quite some time, she claims she initially wanted mend things and stay together with her husband for the sake of their daughter.


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