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Dead OFW’s Family Cry for Justice after She Came Home without Her Eyes, Brain, and Organs

They were shocked to discover that their relative’s remains had a large cut from her chin down to her belly, and was sewn back after pieces of cloth were stuffed inside her body.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) go to work in other countries hoping to make their lives better and dreams come true. Parents would leave their children in the care of others, just to take care of their employer’s children, hoping to be able to save enough money for their own children’s future. While there are OFWs have succeeded in securing a high-paying job abroad, many of them do low-paying jobs, with some even suffering abuse brought about by their employers. And sadly, some come home after losing everything—including their lives.

Liezl Hukdong went to Kuwait with another relative in December 2016, hoping to fulfill her dreams and improve her life as well. At first, her family claimed that they were constantly in contact through social media and everything was going fine. However, they noticed that Liezl had deactivated her Facebook around November 2017 and they haven’t heard from her since.

They contacted the other relative and asked how Liezl was doing, but the relative simply replied with, “she says she’s okay.” When they asked the relative once again after a few days, the relative seemed irked and said, “She said she’s okay.”


Posted by Gracel Ann Hukdong on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The family was then shocked to receive a call that Liezl had allegedly committed suicide by hanging on Dec. 17, 2017. But when they asked Liezl’s agency, GREATWORLD INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT INC. (ZAIDAMEN ENTERPRISES INC.) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, both groups were shocked by the news as Liezl was still listed as active.

This was the time when family members began doubting Liezl’s cause of death. Furthermore, they were extremely heartbroken after seeing their family member for the first time. They noticed that she had many bruises around her body—signs that she might have been abused by her employers. Her body had a large cut from her chin down to her belly, and was sewn back up. Apparently, she was missing all of her organs except her liver and intestines. Liezl’s brain and eyes were missing as well.

Liezl’s papers had a lot of mistakes too, increasing the possibility that really didn’t commit suicide. Read the entire post below (translated):

TAGALIZED translate lng po ng tagalog ang post n Gracel ann hukdong para sa hustisya ng tita nya namatay dito sa kuwait…

Posted by Juvy M Galo on Wednesday, January 10, 2018


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