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Nurse Aid Was in Tears after learning that Her Patient’s Family Did Something for Her Years Ago

She believes she was allowed to meet them again—because it was her time to give back.

Judy Wright and her husband wanted to live closer to their son Chris, prompting them to move. However, Judy’s health took for a deadly turn after just a month of moving. Judy began suffering from complications brought about by her Parkinson’s disease. So much so, that she was in desperate need of a nursing aid.

The nursing aid they contacted first suddenly cancelled on the last minute, allowing TunDe Hector to grab the opportunity and be the couple’s nursing aid. They knew nothing about each other, but they soon grew fond of each other, even telling each other stories.

It was when TunDe told the couple her most unforgettable experience about a Good Samaritan who helped her three years ago. According to TunDe, she was in the middle of nowhere when her car’s gas suddenly ran out. She had no choice but to walk to the nearest gas station, carrying a gas can in one hand, and $5 in another. She knew the money wasn’t enough, but there was nothing she could do.

Thankfully, a man helped her once she got to the gas station. Not only did the man pay for her gas, but also gave her all the money he had in his pocket. TunDe says she will never forget what the man had done for her, but they unfortunately didn’t exchange personal information. After hearing about the story, Chris said: “That was me.”

TunDe was moved to tears that she finally met her savior once again. She believes that she was brought back to the family because it was her turn to help Chris this time—which she did. She also believes that she is connected to the family, as she had a dream that Judy would pass away on the nursing aid’s birthday. True to the dream, Judy passed away on TunDe’s birthday.

Though grieving for the passing of Judy, Chris and his father helped TunDe once again upon learning that she wanted to be an OB-GYN nurse. They asked mourners NOT to give flowers, but raise the money instead. Once they were able to raise $8,000, they gave it all to TunDe, so she could study without worrying about money.

God has ways indeed!


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