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Netizen Slams Nadine Lustre Claiming She Didn’t Deserve to be On Top of FHM’s Sexiest List

According to the netizen, there are a couple of celebrities who deserved the spot more.

Filipina actress and model Nadine Lustre has topped FHM’s ‘100 sexiest women in the world’ list. While fans are celebrating her win, one netizen voiced out her opinion on Lustre’s win. According to the netizen, Nadine Lustre didn’t deserve to be on top.

According to the netizen, Lustre only earned her win because of her numerous supporters who probably voted for her. However, her win doesn’t mean that she deserved the spot. The netizen also said that the next round of voting for FHM’s 100 Sexiest should only consider 20% for its audience impact. She also added that there should be other judges aside from the public to help decide on who should be the winner

She then compared Lustre to the number 2 holder, Kim Domingo. Though Lustre’s body is all natural, it was still obvious to her that Domngo had a better body. She even compared lustre’s body to Domingo’s and said that it was like comparing a Mirage G4 to a McLaren P1.

Unfortunately for her, her post attracted thousands of JaDine fans and slammed her. Some fans even dug through her photos and ridiculed her. Some messaged her and slammed her for her post. As of this article’s writing, the said Facebook post has been taken down.



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