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Boy Shared His Dream to go to Boracay this Summer on Facebook—and a Netizen Made it Come True!

He shared the photo on social media to create laughs, but he got something unbelievable in return!

Many Foreign tourists and locals dream of at least visiting Boracay beach in the Philippines at least once in their lives. Though the Philippines has a lot of other beautiful islands to offer, travel-junkies still include Boracay in their bucket lists.

Unfortunately, travelling is not for everybody. Travelling can be expensive, in addition to accommodation and food. For this guy, Boracay is merely a distant dream—until this man decided to make his dream come true!

Rafael-nonog Gomez from Rizal, Philippines shared a photo to his social media account to create laughs for his friends on the said social media site. However, he did not expect the photo to become so viral, that it has reached thousands of netizens.

In the picture, Rafael can be seen taking a bath Pinoy style (using a dipper), whilst looking intently at a hand-drawn picture of Boracay in front of him. Apparently, he had always dreamt of going to the said island, but didn’t have the financial means to.


It was until Facebook Tong Yangco saw the picture, and decided to do something heartwarming and selfless for Rafael. He asked netizens to help him find and locate Rafael, so that Tong could treat Rafael to an all-expense-paid trip to Boracay—and he can even bring his friend along!


He said on his Facebook post: “Anyone knows this guys? Let me know please if you know him. We will bring him here to Boracay. Cheers! Please share till we all find him!”

Many netizens were touched by Tong’s selfless act, and wished him prosperity in life. On the other hand, Rafael was extremely grateful to Tong for making his dream come true. Not only did Rafael get to experience his dream, but he made a friend along the way too!



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