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Muslim Student Not Allowed to Board Plane after She Refused to Remove Her Hijab for Inspection

‘You are not safe for us.’ –Rome airport staff

After numerous terrorist attacks in different parts of the world throughout history, many people are equating Muslims to terrorists. With this at hand, many Muslims are treated with discrimination in many parts of the world.

Muslims are often denied passage through different countries, and are often blocked at airports for thorough inspection. This Muslim student didn’t expect a Roman airport to be this ‘thorough’ though.

Aghnia Adzkia was passing through security at the Ciampino Airport, when she was suddenly stopped and asked to remove her hijab for inspection. Shocked by the odd request, Aghnia refused to do so and decided to stick with her beliefs.

The staff insisted that she remove her hijab for inspection, as ‘she might hide something underneath her hair’. Agnhia continued to refuse, thus she was unable to board the plane. According to her, a male staff even ‘dragged’ her out of the area in an ‘indecent way’ who grabbed her violently and shouted at her to stay quiet.

She took her horrible experience to Facebook, where thousands of netizens sympathized with her. While some netizens sided with her, some criticized her and told her that no matter what race or religion you are in, you should go through proper inspections at airports. Though the post went viral for quite some time, it has been taken down for still unknown reasons.



*Many people became increasingly hateful and resentful towards Muslims and Arabs through the past years, and are still increasing by the day. Many American Muslims are being treated as “terrorists” despite being born and growing up in America. This stereotyping and bigotry has to stop. We should all be educated that Muslims are not terrorists. Many people from different religions do the same—but they are not condemned as they are.


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