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Female Medical Student Risks Her Life in Protecting Her Thesis against a Group of Armed Robbers

The robbers gave up and sped away after they saw how hard she tried to protect her belongings.

Medical school is especially hard to finish in just four years, especially with the diversity of knowledge students need to learn. The blood, sweat, and tears every student puts into learning medicine is no joke. Nobody knows this better than Noxolo Ntuli.

The 26-year-old is a medical student at the National Health Laboratory Services in South Africa. For years, she studied medicine and was about to graduate. In her bag was her precious thesis, saved in an external drive. Everything was set for her future.

However, a group of armed men were about to destroy her life, and steal her thesis away. Instead of running for her dear life, Noxolo was determined to protect her belongings.

Unmindful that she could get hurt, or worse, killed in the attempt to fend off the robbery, she fought them off and clung onto her dear thesis. The robbers soon gave up and sped away.

The incident was captured on a security camera of a nearby house. It showed Noxolo fighting off the armed robbers for more than a minute, even if she had been pinned to the ground by one of the men.

“I am happy that they were found. I hope they charge them for attempted kidnapping and theft‚” the student said; adding she could have been forced into the vehicle by the robbers.

“I don’t know why they would put me in the car if it’s not kidnapping. I was overpowered. Three men on one woman‚ that is too much. I hope the law works this time‚” she added.

The robbers managed to run off with her lunch bag, ‘though, she said.


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