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Man’s Touching Words for a Street Boy and His Pet Dog Touched the Hearts of Netizens

The man’s words were touching yet eye-opening to many netizens.

In the Philippines, seeing children wandering the streets—begging for food and asking for money from passersby—is something people see every day. But not because it is common, that it should be accepted. Instead of studying, these children are forced to work for themselves, without a house or a family to go home to. Given their small stature and very young age, they are left with no choice but to beg for help from others. Sadly, not everyone reaches out their hand to help these children.

One netizen addressed the nation’s growing problem by taking a picture of a street child sleeping with his pet dog as people passed him by. Along with the picture, the post’s author wrote a poem that has both touched and opened the eyes of many netizens. He apologized for not being able to help.

While people go about their own lives, street children such as this boy are barely surviving. And sadly, more and more children are ending up in the streets because of poverty. But despite a hard life at a young age, this boy is lucky enough to have a furry friend to accompany him on cold nights and scorching days.

The author opened the eyes of many to the fact that these children need everyone’s help. A lot of people would take pictures and show these photos on social media, yet they ignore the real needs of each and every homeless person in the street: HELP.

Always remember that a little help (food or money), can change one person’s life.


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