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Malaysian Girl Shares Story about How She Fell in Love with Her Grab Driver

They met months after their first meeting, and that was the beginning of their love story.

More and more people are using the grab app to get to their destination safely and faster compared to waiting for cab drivers who, more often than not, scam passengers. But of course, the danger is always there. Being alone with a stranger inside a vehicle can be a really scary experience especially when the driver’s actions are very suspicious. However, this Malaysian girl never expected to find love in one Grab ride.

Sharing her story on UTAR Confessions, a popular Malaysian Facebook page, she said:

“Two years ago after my finals, my friends and I decided to head to KLCC to watch a movie and de-stress but on that day, the friend who was supposed to fetch me could not make it. At first I wanted to take the train, but it was getting late and all my friends were already waiting for me there. So, I downloaded the Grab app and proceeded to get on my first ever Grab ride.

“When the ride arrived, I got into the backseat and the polite young man greeted me ‘good morning’. He knew that it was my first Grab ride and reassured me that he was a good person who was just making some money to lessen his family’s burden.

“We were almost reaching my destination when he suddenly asked me how I’d be making my way home. I told him that I planned on taking the train and he actually offered to give me a ride home. I was too shy to accept his offer and said that I did not know what time I would be going home. He told me that he would wait for me and gave me his number when I got down from the car.

“When I came out from the toilet, my friends were laughing hysterically and they told me that they had actually messaged the Grab driver to come pick me up. I was super mortified by their actions but not long after, he called and told me that he was waiting for me at the same place he dropped me off.

“I was scared of letting him wait, so I quickly ran over to his car and got in. He told me he was pleasantly surprised that I would actually contact him again but I told him that it was all my friends’ doings. Nevertheless, we laughed and joked all the way home.

“I tried to pay for my ride but he refused to accept my money, so I left the money on the seat before getting out of the car. However, he actually put the money back in my mailbox with a note saying, ‘It’s okay, next time you can treat me to a meal instead’.”

However, their second meeting was the turning point of their would-be-relationship. She booked the same Grab driver and finally met him the 2nd time around. This time, they started off as friends, wherein the driver would often pick her up and accompany her home. Until one day, the driver stopped somewhere and got off—only to get a bouquet of baby’s breath from his car. Apparently, it was the girl’s favorite flower!

“He said, ‘Perhaps in a past life I had promised that I will find you and finally, I managed to find you in this life. Once, I thought that you would just be one of the many passengers that I would fetch around but I find that I can’t get you out of my mind. I don’t want to lose you as you are one of the most important people in my life. Can you please be my girlfriend?’ So romantic leh!”

The story was shared on the said Facebook page for her boyfriend, whose birthday was on the day she posted their story. She ended her post by reassuring everyone that their loved ones are yet to come, and all they have to do is wait for the right person.

“Don’t worry if you haven’t found your true love yet as they might have gotten lost on the way to look for you. Trust that they will find you one day. If you are half of a couple, then make sure to treasure your relationship before you lose it,” she said.


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