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Little Boy Covered in Frost as He Walks 4.5 Kilometers in -9°C to Get to His School Every Day

Despite extreme weather conditions, the young boy braves the cold to get to school in time for his final exam.

Years ago, being able to attend school was only for a few privileged. Educated people were highly praised and respected in society. Sadly, students today take their education for granted. Students have developed a distaste for learning. Students are losing their willingness to understand and absorb knowledge, as most grew up believing that getting an education was a chore, a mundane task that must be performed every day, rather than as a privilege.


But for this little boy from China, being able to go to school means everything to him—even if it means he had to sacrifice a lot of things just to make it to school. Apparently, he needs to walk for an hour in the freezing -9C from his home to his school in Ludian County, southwest China’s Yunnan province. He walks 4.5 km from his home to his school just to make it in time.


Apparently, he braved the cold to get to school in time because it was their scheduled final exams, and he wouldn’t miss that for the world. The heart-touching photo shows a red-cheeked boy, clad in clothes hardly warm enough for the weather, standing in a classroom, his hair fully covered with frost and his classmates laughing at his funny look.

According to their headmaster, surnamed Fu, the third-grader is a very diligent student, and would barely miss school. Many netizens were amazed and touched by the boy’s will to study.

“Kid, the hardship you endure today will light up the path of your future,” one netizen commented.

“Study hard to change your destiny,” another said.


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