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First Look: This $1,800 Pair of Jeans Allows You to Expose You Bare Behind with Just One Zip

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In the recent years, we’ve seen fashion trends we’d never expect to have seen decades ago. Ripped clothes have become a trend, that some people even purposely rip their clothes to look stylish. Some ‘overboard’ ripped clothing has even reached online news as one woman took it to a whole new, ridiculous level.

#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @kevingiacco

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But if you thought ripped clothing is probably the weirdest trend to date, take a look at these pair of jeans from Vetements and think again!

The famous French fashion brand, in collaboration with Levi’s, created a new kind of jeans that allows users to expose their butts and front part with having to take the jeans off.

The #VetementsxLevis jeans not only feature zippers down the backs of the legs, but also a zipper right smack down the center of the butt.

There was a mix of reactions from netizens, with some users wanting to get their hands on the 1,800 USD jeans, and some claiming the new fashion trend to be ridiculous.

Twitter user wolfman_lucas says: “Butt Cleavage!!! Can be nice on certain people but beside that….no! You going to get teen girls to wear those and that is a freaking no no.”

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