Korean Super Stars Speaks Tagalog Amusingly

Here’s the video of some Korean Superstars who tries to speak Tagalog but instead of delivering it well, it went entertaining because they cannot pronounce it clearly that made me burst into laugh!

“Huwag ka nang magsalita pa. Binibili kita ng pera. Magkano ba?”
“Magkano ba ang ibibigay mo?”


Those are the words that they were trying to say. It came from Andrew and Jenny’s line from the Korean drama series Endless Love.
I just really can’t help myself while watching them and listening on how they pronounce those words from the said line. As a Filipino, I found it really cute and very funny!

Those Korean Superstars came to the Philippines for the Yolanda survivors to gave their support and also to encourage people through their words.

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