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Korean Family Attacked by a ‘Zombie Man’ Who Bit Off Chunks of Flesh from the Victims

The bloodied man suddenly attacked the father and bit off a chunk of flesh from his neck.

A few months ago, the Korean hit movie “Train to Busan” made viewers scream in terror as zombies attack and eat other living people. While the possibility of a zombie apocalypse may be far from reality, this Korean family actually felt how to be attacked by a zombie—and the experience was definitely traumatizing.

A homeowner was startled when he was woken by a crashing sound at three in the morning. When the man rushed outside of their room, he was shocked to see a man inside their home, and his head was covered in blood. Police later suspected that the ‘zombie man’ might have used his head to smash the window to get into the house.

When the homeowner tried to ward the man off, the zombie attacked him and bit a large chunk of flesh from his neck.

The homeowner’s daughter came out of her room as she was woken up by the ruckus, and gets attacked by the zombie man too. This time, the ‘zombie’ bit off a chunk of flesh from the girl’s legs. Fortunately, the homeowner’s son was able to run away and alert the police.

The attacker, who was identified to be a Vietnamese tourist, is believed to have been high on Flakka, a drug that has caused users to act like zombies. The effects of Flakka or the “zombie drug” has shocked the world with the horrifying videos showing how users react to the drug. Flakka is a stimulant with a similar chemical make-up to the amphetamine-like drug found in bath salts.

Users were caught on camera hurting themselves, attacking others, and acting like zombies. The user will feel an elevated heart rate, enhanced emotions, and if enough is digested, strong hallucinations.

The drug can cause permanent psychological damage due to it affecting the mood regulating neurons that keep the mind’s serotonin and dopamine in check, as well as possibly causing heart failure.


When asked by the police as to why he did it, the zombie man said, “They told me to do it. They said I will be redeemed from my sins.”

According to reports, the police were on high alert after several similar reports came in. after attacking several houses, the man was finally apprehended and taken into custody.


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