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Jessy Mendiola Shares a ‘Before and After’ Photo on Instagram but Takes it Down Soon After

Netizens couldn’t believe she was this fat before!

Sometimes, it just takes a little inspiration to change one person’s unhealthy lifestyle. And most people would often look up to their idols or those who have been inspiring them. Maria Mercedes star Jessy Mendiola recently shared a “before and after” photo on Instagram, showing how much she has changed throughout the years, inspiring many netizens to change for the better as well.

Today, Jessy Mendiola looks more confident and carefree as she showcased her stunning figure in a sexy gray top and white shorts. But what most of her fans don’t know is that Jessy wasn’t as fit as she is today. Apparently, she was a little overweight a few years back, but she didn’t lose hope. She worked hard to achieve her body today, and she wanted to inspire others to do the same.


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Netizens were initially shocked. They couldn’t believe Jessy was ever that fat, especially when she bagged the title for FHM’s Most Sexy Women of 2016. Others were amazed by how she was able to transform and improve herself for the better.

The said photo has been taken down from Mendiola’s account as of this writing.


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